Logistics is not everything,
but everything is nothing without logistics

Transport – Shipping – Logistics

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This we are the best at! Nothing is impossible for us!

We strive for perfection, we want to make our customers satisfied, but this can be achieved by almost anyone wishing to do so. We set ourselves difficult tasks and constantly develop so that our company would be associated with trust, communication, satisfying customer needs. This is what we can guarantee – our full involvement in what we do. 

Your success is our goal!

We effectively use what modern technologies have to offer. We operate according to currently applicable standards and we know in which direction to go. We strive to meet all your needs, our main goal is your entire satisfaction and our contentment.

Your transport – Your needs – Our standards

We focus on quality, our "Seven times P"!

proper goods

proper customer

proper condition

proper price

proper place

proper quanity

proper time

Express delivery
ASAP - As soon as possible

Costs are important, but time is the priority. We deliver as soon as possible! We offer the fastest road transport by BUS-type vehicles or smaller, passenger and delivery vans. The maximum load capacity is 10 pallets for a total weight of 1,500 kg. 

JiT (Just-in-time)

Dedicated just-in-time transport, optimal balance between time of delivery and costs. 
Express Bus – currently the fastest road transport of goods. A dedicated car goes directly to the recipient. Its load capacity is maximum 10 euro pallets up to 1,500 kg. FTL Express – we are able to deliver your goods in two times shorter time thanks to teams consisting of two drivers who can cover totally  1,200 km per day. Transport is carried out by cars with loading capacity from 3.5 to 24 tons.


FTL Transport – transport according to individual needs of customers. Dedicated trucks with load capacity between 3.5 and 24 tons. 
PTL Transport – perfect solution for customers who value economical transport with slightly bigger tolerance for delivery time. Very flexible range of quantities of transported goods (1 - 20 euro pallets with total mass of up to even 15,000 kg. 
Contractual FTL Transport – regular transport, regular recipients and regular low price.  Check how cheaper your transport can be with trucks of load capacity between 3.5 and 24 tons.

Safe and timely delivery to destinations!

Long, long time ago...

In 1999, a young man with a passion for transport instilled by his father and with borrowed funds, decided to turn his dreams into action and founded a shipping company. He could offer one car, his own commitment and belief in success. 
From the very beginning, he has opted primarily for effectiveness. He has gradually expanded the team, selecting people who opt for the same thing in relationships with contractors. “Man, you can move mountains!” – Why not take advantage?

“Intrans” – that’s us!

Our team is composed of a group of professionals with many years of experience in various areas of logistics and passion for their job. We constantly improve, change common standards, we are flexible to adjust, and all that in order to effectively implement all tasks, even the most unrealistic and demanding great sacrifice ones.

We know and understand what it means to be an entrepreneur and how to run a business effectively. We are here to make your business more profitable. We take our work seriously and strictly follow our commitments to our customers. Business partner satisfaction is our primary goal, which is why we will continue to refine a project until we find a solution that will make you satisfied with cooperation with us in every respect.

We know how to do it, we are ready and we are here for you.

Our Team


Intrans Logistics Sp. z o.o. Sp.k
ul. Wojska Polskiego 23
62-035 Kórnik
KRS (National Court Register): 0000568031
NIP (Tax Identification Number): 7773252888
REGON (Business Registry Number): 362067883
Piotr Sójka


Piotr Sójka
Trans ID: (3729-4)
Tel.: +48 606 442 292


ul. Wojska Polskiego 23,
62-035 Kórnik


Łukasz Nowak

Łukasz Nowak

transport and shipping specialist
Trans ID: (3729-7)
Tel.: +48 660 449 041
Błażej Nowak

Błażej Nowak

transport and shipping specialist
Trans ID: (3729-15)
Tel.: +48 602 114 607
Krystian Pawlak

Krystian Pawlak

transport and shipping specialist
Trans ID: (3729-20)
Tel.: +48 668 880 495
Rafał Sójka

Rafał Sójka

transport and shipping specialist
Trans ID: (3729-2)
Tel.: +48 500 209 017
Patryk Kowalski

Patryk Kowalski

transport and shipping specialist
Trans ID: (3729-12)
Tel.: +48 661 180 227
Maciej Góra

Maciej Góra

transport and shipping specialist
Trans ID: (3729-22)
Tel.: +48 602 144 152
Małgorzata Jaszkiewicz

Małgorzata Jaszkiewicz

transport and shipping specialist
Trans ID: (3729-18)
Tel.: +48 606 778 700
Małgorzata Jaszkiewicz

Patryk Białasik

transport and shipping specialist
Trans ID: (3729-23)
Tel.: +48 532 754 725
Łukasz Łukowiak

Łukasz Łukowiak

transport and shipping specialist
Trans ID: (3729-24)
Tel.: +48 698 567 945
Tomasz Pietrasik

Tomasz Pietrasik

transport and shipping specialist
Trans ID: (3729-25)
Tel.: +48 784 034 570

Wrocław Branch

ul. Żmigrodzka 81-83,
51-130 Wrocław

Transport and shipping:

Marcin Grzywniak

Marcin Grzywniak

branch manager
Trans ID: (3720-1)
Tel.: +48 696 048 081
Grzegorz Tobiasz

Dominik Pławecki

transport and shipping specialist
Trans ID: (3720-3)
Tel.: +48 602 700 920
Maciej Hutnik

Maciej Hutnik

transport and shipping specialist
Trans ID: (3720-8)
Tel.: +48 883 381 197

Accounting and finance:

Sylwia Hołderna

Sylwia Hołderna

Trans ID: (3729-13)
Tel.: +48 728 588 951
Marlena Bartkowiak

Marlena Bartkowiak

Trans ID: (3729-17)
Tel.: +48 668 880 478

Trust Us!


All shipments should be subject to special protection, which is why we cooperate with one of the most reliable insurers, namely Allianz Polska S.A. We provide insurance fully covering any difficulties that may arise during transport.
Every request for quotation may be the beginning of something big, check us out ….
  • Offer form contents
  • Place of loading 1 - country, code, city/town (+add another place of loading)
  • Place of delivery 1 - country, code, city/town (+add another place of delivery)
  • Quantity of units
  • Cargo type - (drop-down list) dedicated / Coli / euro pallet / 120x100 pallet / 120x120 pallet / other (specify height – width - length)
  • Total cargo weight
We have a modern fleet of vehicles with a load capacity of up to 1.5 tons: canvas trailers, rigid body and canvas trailers with lift measuring 4.3/2.1/2.3 m and vehicles with a load capacity of up to 8.5 tons – curtainsider-type body measuring 9.40/2.45/2.8 m. All our vehicles are new, equipped with GPS monitoring, they have pneumatic suspension, which increases the level of security of transported goods. We have a carrier’s third party liability insurance (OCP) for the amount of 300 000 €.